Natalie Dormer Tells Us All About Game of Thrones.

Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.


I’m not method at all. As soon as they call “cut”, I’m thinking about food and moving on.


Suddenly I’m a Pittsburgh fan…one baby is all it took.

I guess my main worry is that people will start hating what I hate about myself. I worry that everybody will think I am really annoying and just want me to shut up. Which would make so much sense because I annoy myself… I guess I want people to know that if they are annoyed with me, I get it, it’s totally cool. Please forgive me.


She won a few years back by pretending she was a weakling.

It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.
Tom Gates 

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Interviewer: How much more of Finnick’s backstory can we expect in Mockingjay?

“I hope the inside of my bag doesn’t reflect my personality because it’s very boring. Just a wallet, phone, chapstick.”